Little Peterbilt Kit

Little Peterbilt Kit

Upclose with a Peterbilt truck Pickup

Mike Tredway Lebanon, Missouri has spent most of his life as a truck driver on the road. He knows roads and back roads of our great United States and Canada and the dorsum of the hand. What is certain is that he also spent several years working on these large platforms, and later, began the rebuilding cars and trucks that had been wrecked.

A look at Mike, and 10 minutes in a conversation with him, immediately is measured as a trucker. His true passion, however, is the construction Peterbilt Pick-up. Mesh entire frame size trucks as Cheverolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC larger dogs, such as Peterbilt, Freightliner, Mack, etc, is the perfect mix for Mike. His experience and his love of trucks, big and small helped create a real work of art.

When you start to be seen as a task as building a small "big truck?" The chassis is the first place to start. Micro can start with a common framework, super service or whatever and add your choice of engine, suspension, transmission and especially ... the cabin we ever important platform you choose.

The first truck, he built, which did not cut any size of cabin. The final product was beautiful, but the lines of body did not suit him. It was too obvious that there were two different cars put together to make one.

Mike's a bit of a perfectionist, and realize how much This truck just does not look right with him. Decided that it made some subtle changes to the cabs of large trucks to match the lines of wells Truck Wheel Bed, etc.

Inseption From the first, which grew and developed its process of construction of Peterbilt trucks appear on the item Detroit can be built. But a closer look at the interior custom paint work, tires, batteries and 502 boxes of his favorite cars, and you can see nothing is usually in these trucks.

Each truck is built begins with a thorough conversation with the prospective buyer. Mike likes to know the client meet their needs, dreams and wishes for your Peterbilt truck can be incorporated into the building to be truly a custom, one type of device.

Contact is usually done by e-mail on the Internet after someone has visited your website. We can see photos of the first built. Of course, was the first who decided befor lines was not quite right.

Mike likes to meet him (if possible) with the customer and goes on things like the time you want Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge. Then they discuss the size of the engine, transmission, suspension, etc. Once a budget is given to the client and the other half is due at the time the order and the balance due in full upon delivery.

The pride and care that is dedicated to these trucks Peterbilt Pick-Up is available in your store as well. The shop 40x80 it is almost as perfect as you see someone like TV watching Boyd Cottington. It is very organized and comprehensive. It's just him and his son who built these platforms to take 160 days from start to finish and I can assure you he knows where each key, nut, bolt, screw, nut and takes less leg in his tent.

This small shop is probably one of the best kept secrets in your community. Peterbilt truck is a vehicle of custom and the only reason they are considered a luxury vehicle luxury. Not everyone can afford them. This is probably a good thing, because if everyone could, Mike never stopped to rest.

Now, as a fiberglass kit referred ... Need I say more? You get what you pay. Although I am the type of car of the lady, I want one of these trucks Peterbilt Pick-Up.

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H.V.Hendrick lives in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri enjoying her very successful MLM business. H.V.Hendrick has a book in the publication process due out soon on You can learn more about these peterbilt pickup trucks by visiting

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